Mahogany chest of drawers is one of our regular products in every production season. on our recent furniture collection of 2013 we have a few new design of mahogany chest of drawers all made from best quality wood. Most of the design take the original antique furniture such gustavian style furniture or swedish furniture design that we reproduce to become a new developed design. we also do some “new things” with finishing colors and technique to enrich our furniture options for our customers.

Mahogany Chest of Drawers

We use only high quality mahogany wood to build this products. All the wooden planks is kiln dried to minimum level of moisture and treated with anti wood worm solution. this process is very important to prevent damage such bending, cracking or  worst, wood worm attack. with a proper treatment we ensure that this product will last much longer during normal daily use.

Chest of Drawers Finish

There is so many color option that can be applied on this products. in this season we “play around” with so many painting technique, we do some distressed paint furniture, extreme shadow paint, gilding, and also aged rustic finish. for this particular finish, age rustic finish, we only use teak wood material to make the furniture. its because aged rustic finish is an imitation of very old wood that been damaged naturally by weather. the wood grain become the main attraction on this finish and to do so, only teak wood is suitable enough to treated with this finishing technique and perform very natural.

All of our indonesian furniture products including chest of drawers is fully customizable to your specification. You can change the detail of the products, the wooden material and also finishing colors and style to meet your customer demand or simply your personal taste. Feel free to contact us to have a further discussion on this topics. We will provide you complete information and service so you will no need to look somewhere else to get the products with your own detail. Best wishes from Indonesia Furniture Manufacturers