There is so many way that we can do to distressing painted furniture. One of them is by scrape its paint off with a sandpaper. But wait…its not just a normal sanding like we do on regular sanding. It takes a different technique to achieve a certain look of an antique furniture or a really old furniture that’s been beat up by the test of time. Here is what we do here in our indonesia furniture manufacturers¬†when we distressing painted furniture with sandpaper. Here is what we do :

  1. We have to apply a base color to become a primary color of our distressed painted furniture. We try to imitate an original furniture that’s been repaint once or twice of their life and have defected by normal daily use.
  2. After the first layer of paint is done, carefully sand the painted furniture on the most exposed part during normal daily use, Lets imagine the corner of a table tops, or the seat edge on the dining chair maybe, Those are the part that the paint will peel faster than other part of the furniture. Use your imagination on how much you want to sand away the paint from the furniture,
  3. After you satisfied enough, apply the second layer of paint, Lets be creative by adding a different color from the base or primary colors. after the second layer is dried, repeat sanding on the particular parts of the furniture just like the first step. You can reach out to different area to add more rustic feels over the furniture.
  4. Repeat the process with different colors and same technique as first and second process. To make your life easier use a hand sander machine with smooth sandpaper ( no 240 or more ) to get a smooth and natural looks. Use the front edge of the hand sanding machine to imitate natural paint defects
  5. Seal them off with polyurethane wax or clear satin top coat and you are done.

We distressing painted furniture with sandpaper on almost all our antique distressed furniture style, it is also looks really good on teak outdoor furniture as well. You can see them on our latest 2013 furniture collections, there are some items that treated with this sanding technique. Feel free to contact us for more information over our antique furniture reproduction collections.

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