When you need to buy antique furniture products to be different with other, than you might had to think about to customized an existed antique furniture design with our imaginations. well, basically this is what an antique reproduction furniture is all about, remake and copy and existed products, but in this case, we can add a small or big details changing to make our product different with other and increase interest of our buyers.

How To Customized Antique Furniture Design

First of all we had to have at least an idea about how our antique furniture will look like, it was an obvious isn’t ? after we had your idea on how your furniture would looks like than we start to make a drawing. we use CAD drawing on large quantity purchase and hand drawing on small quantity purchase.

We Need Your Design Approval

After we have the drawing, we need to have your approval, we will revised the design over and over until we have your “Go” sign, our drafter are quiet good so we usually only need one revised and have an approval. only if we have your approval we will move on to the next stage which is prepare wooden materials and so on.

How To Buy ?

So how to buy antique furniture from us ? simple, just mail us or send us your idea and we will talk about it more intent. we will guide each other to understand how our furniture will be made and take shape in future. this communication are very critical to avoid wrong design on final result, which will cost us money and wasting your time.

Buy Antique Furniture From Us

we are a indonesia furniture manufacturers supported by local jepara city experience furniture craftsman, jepara city are well known for its tradition of woodworking and wood carving for centuries. with those such of support, we able to make almost all demands from our customer who want to buy antique furniture with custom design. we also accept custom design for teak outdoor furniture products