Today the home garden has begun to switch functions, not just as a garden yard for plant something, but also an area that can be used to entertain guests, a place to relax with family to the place of the semi-official family event. Therefore, many people have begun to pay attention to the design of their dwellings to ask for consideration from the architects to give input about the renovation of the park to get the best results. If you are setting up a home garden, 7 fabulous garden furniture ideas 2018 might help you.

Many factors you should watch out for when you want to make the home garden more attractive. The most basic of course is choosing variants of the types of plants that you will plant in your yard. The next factor that is not less important is the furniture and any accessories that will you use to make your garden look more stunning and has more value.

Things to Consider when Choosing Garden Furniture 2018

In choosing garden furniture ideas 2018, several things to note include furniture dimensions, ergonomic factors, material selection and theme park.

  • Dimensions of furniture – furniture expected to have an exact comparison between the size of the furniture itself with the garden area. Do not let the large garden furniture, you put on a narrow land and vice versa.
  • Ergonomic – that is the adjustment of the size of the furniture with the convenience of the user. It is expected that the size of the furniture has the right comparison with the user, because it is closely related to the comfort level.
  • ┬áMaterials – material use should be considered carefully. Such as furniture made of iron, aluminum, plastic / PVC, rattan or even wood like products from The thing you need to consider in choosing materials is the resistance of these materials to be placed outdoors, weatherproof, mold and corrosion.
  • Themes – what concepts you want to apply to your garden and style furniture can be directly adjusted to the concept you want to display.

List of Garden Furniture Ideas 2018

For those of you who need a reference in choosing the theme and concept of garden furniture ideas 2018 as appropriate, here are some ideas of decoration ideas that can be considered for you

1. Dry Garden

Dry Garden Furniture Ideas Dry garden is a park that does not have many grasses or trees that shade greenery. The hallmark of this park is to have lots of rocks, sand and pavement. So even the dominant plant species are cactus and palm species.
Usually dry parks do not have such a vast land and are generally placed in the jutting into the house. Type of furniture that can be used for this type of garden is simple furniture tend to modern. Like a simple wooden bench that is combined with an iron foot.

2. Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden IdeasTropical garden is a garden with the concept that most have a variety of plant variants and suitable if applied in our tropical country. Furniture that can be used for this type of garden is also almost of all types and types of materials.
But if you want to add the tropical impression to the maximum, use the wooden furniture dominant with natural finishing. No need to be coated with colored paint, to look more and more integrated with the natural green.

3. Modern Minimalist Garden

Modern Minimalist GardenModern minimalist garden has a blend of plants, pavements and grasses are balanced. The dominance of stone material is also seen in the design of the landscape. The characteristics of this park are simple elements and wide visual outlook.
Therefore, the furniture used should not give a heavy impression; this can be achieved with the use of iron/metal, glass and a little wood. Elements of music from nature can be added through a fountain placed on one side of the garden.

4. Mediterranean Garden

mediterranian garden ideasThe Mediterranean garden is commonly used in continental European countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and so on. This park has a feature of cream color dominance and the concept of the old memorable. So the most appropriate furniture for use in this type of garden is vintage furniture.

Vintage can be obtained from a mixture of old and worn-looking wood and iron that is rusty in color. You can also design landscaping garden by using the concept of roof covering from creeping plants to feel greener feel.

5. Country Concept Park

Country Concept ParkMany country parks we encounter in the country suburban homes of America. The hallmark of this concept is the dominant use of large rocks, both for the cover layer and the wall coverings. However, the concept of this rock can also be applied in furniture.
Today many outdoor space furnishings use large rock as a footstool table and chair. In addition to unique, this breakthrough also makes the outer space furniture is stronger than weather exposure.

6. Ecological Park

ecological park ideasLately the ecological park began to be one of the favorite choices in some homes. Ecological park is a garden that has plants that are useful for humans in everyday life, such as vegetables and fruits.

Additional functions that can be considered for this type of garden is as a family dining banquet with outdoor concept while introducing the type of plant. Therefore, the use of shabby chic furniture will further add to the warm atmosphere and kinship in the park. Furniture materials used can be made of iron, wood or rattan.

7. Zen Garden

Indoor Zen gardenZen garden is adapted from home style in Japan. So this park has the dominance of wood as the main material. Zen garden is also classified as a dry garden that is suitable for use as a garden in the house. The commonly used furniture for this garden is wooden furniture with low legs and can be added with cushioning as a modern accent.

From those 7 fabulous garden furniture ideas 2018, which one do you like best? Hopefully the article is useful and congratulate for arranging your home garden.

Veronica Rompies

Veronica Rompies



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