Antique mahogany bedroom sets

Antique Mahogany Bedroom Sets

Antique mahogany bedroom sets that we displayed here is one of our year 2013 furniture collections. It was made from high quality mahogany wood with custom carving and antique lacquer finish. The bed come with chunky four post with beautiful carving adopting the classic victorian furniture style, four poster turning and carving are the main attractive points of this classic bed. we put a little “shadow” or glazed on final painting to add more antique feel over this products. The┬ábed measurement are 170 cm width 220 cm depth and 125 cm height. this measurement will fit perfectly for a king size bed for united kingdom standard measurements.

Antique Mahogany Bedroom Sets With Lamp Table

This antique mahogany bedroom sets also come with two bedside or lamp table that has a same style of carving and finish. the bedside tables has 3 drawer with antique look brass handle. this bedside table drawers also had a steel roller mechanism underneath those drawers, this mechanism provide smooth drawers open and closing. The bedside measurement is 55 cm width 50 cm depth and 60 cm height and match perfectly with the bed itself. All of the product is using a nitrocellulose finishing materials with slightly ruby red shadowing to add a classic feel and taste.

Customizable Antique Mahogany Bedroom Sets

You can modified this bedroom sets by adding more furniture on the sets like dressing table, wardrobe or chest of drawers. we can provide you with CAD furniture design or hand drawing to get the idea whats the furniture will looks like when it’s done. you can also ask for detail changing, measurement changing or any other modifications to this products. simply give us a call and we will provide complete information through entire detail. if you serious buyers, we can be your perfect partners. Best wishes from indonesia furniture manufacturers