Teak Reclaimed Deconstructed Armchairs


  • Product Code : RS-02
  • Material : Recycled Teak Wood
  • Finishing : Natural
  • Hardware : None
  • Size : H 115 x W 90 x D 90 Cm
  • Packing Volume : 0,924 Cbm
  • Packaging : Carton Box

Product Description :

Fairly popular deconstructed furniture made from recycle teak wood, this deconstructed armchairs is unique, strange yet beautiful in the same time. reclaimed wood material is gathered from old building like house, barn or warehouse and also from structural building like bridges or towers which already tested and proven to withstand harsh weather and tropical climate, thats why final product will last our lifetime. we write more detail about this topics in one of our page, please check here to know more about Reclaimed Teak Furniture from Indonesia.

Customizable Detail

You can change all the detail from our furniture products to meet your own specifications, including colors, carvings, size and other detail. Please state how you would like it customized during the submission process. Please use the contact form below to submit your inquiry

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