Teak Oval Double Extension Table


  • Product Code : GEX-004
  • Material : Teak Wood
  • Finishing : Fine Sanded
  • Hardware : Powder Coated Brass
  • Size : H 75 x W 190/270 x D 110 Cm
  • Packing Volume : 0,523 Cbm
  • Packaging : Carton Box
  • Price : Use Contact Form Below to Get Full Pricelist

Product Description :

Our teak oval double extension table is a big and sturdy outdoor dining table who can fits 6 to 10 people comfortably. strong construction is they key to ensure this big table durable to withstand extreme outdoor condition, this table are made using best selected material which already properly kiln dried to a minimum moisture level to get best durabiliy and longer life span.

Customizable Detail

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