Teak Outdoor Square Picnic Folding Table

teak outdoor picnic table


  • Product Code : GPT-001-1
  • Material : Teak Wood
  • Finishing : Fine Sanded ( no color, just smooth sanding )
  • Hardware : Wood Dowel
  • Size : H 50 x W 50 x D 50 Cm
  • Packing Volume : 0,035 Cbm
  • Packaging : Carton Box
  • Price : Use Contact Form Below to Get Full Pricelist

Product Description :

Square, small, strong, foldable to thin size…this is our “classic” picnic table available for you to buy. it has square hole table tops to make it lighter yet still strong to hold your picnic meal or beverage. it is made from fine selected teak wood which properly kiln dried to get maximum durability in outdoor environtment. You can leave this table outside uncovered exposed to the element and they will still last for many many years, they would change color slightly to grey patina which is normal for unfinished teak outdoor furniture.

Customizable Detail

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