Recycle Teak TV Cabinets

by | Sep 13, 2018


Solid wood Tv cabinets make from recycle teak wood, simple design with 3 drawer and a shelf for your entertaintment equipment will blend in perfectly in your family room. reclaimed teak wood are gathered from old building such as house, barn, bridges etc so it’s very dry and resulting a very stable wood grain and structure, make furniture from recycle wood very strong and durable.

Smooth brushed finish with natural stain from waterbase finishing materials make this living room cabinet have more distinctive natural looks,

This Tv cabinets are our standard models in our production line, you can also built your own design with us, simply mail us and we can discuss your project more details. You can use contact form below or contact one of our staff in the contact page


Product Code :

  • Material : Reclaimed Teak Wood
  • Finishing : Natural Waterbase Color
  • Hardware : Powder Coated Steel Drawer Slider
  • Size : H  x W  x D  Cm
  • Packing Volume :  Cbm
  • Packaging : Carton Box
  • Price : Use Contact Form Below to Get Full Pricelist

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