Classic Side Table 2 Drawers


  • Product Code: GT-06
  • Material : Mahogany Wood
  • Finishing : Natural Stain With Glaze
  • Hardware : Brass
  • Size : H 54 x W 61 x D 71 Cm
  • Packing Volume :  0.212 Cbm
  • Packaging : Carton Box

Product Description :

Our classic side table with gustavian furniture style might be perfect option for you who like antique style from king Gustav era. it is simple yet elegant in so many way. Made from high quality mahogany wood with natural stain and light glaze finishing. veneered drawers combine with brass hardware add more value to this antique reproduction furniture products.

Customizable Detail

This classic side table is our regular model in our production line, you can request for a custom design that meet to your very specific request. this is beneficial for you shop owner whi want to add new collections into your collections, or maybe for you project manager who want to build someting for your work.

You can change all the detail from our furniture products to meet your own specifications, including colors, carvings, size and other detail. Please state how you would like it customized during the submission process. Please use the contact form below to submit your inquiry

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