Tips for buying garden furnitureTips for buying garden furniture can be handy piece of information especially for a family who had just occupied a new house, who might confused to arrange his house. Furnishings are still unfilled and confused choosing is a problem that often arises in the occupants of new homes. Although usually already prepared funds for shopping, but to adjust to the surrounding circumstances that need attention. In addition to the interior in the house, did not escape also to give attention to our outdoor furniture. Here we will present the essential tips for buying garden furniture.

The concept of outdoor mini garden is now an option with the appropriate furniture placement to beautify and beautify the look of the garden. Outdoor furniture that is used in open area is different when compared with the usual furniture used in your home. Weather changes and land limitations are a number of reasons for choosing good furniture for use in the open space of your home.
Here are 5 essential tips for buying garden furniture, as a material consideration before you buy the right and newest garden furniture:

1. Calculate the Size of Available Places

The first step to do is calculate the space/land available to put furniture into it. Is it wide enough or narrow to add accessories such as canopies (big umbrellas), garden lights, etc? Make sure you get the maximum comfort with the size of space that you have counted before.

2. Adjust Your Budget

After measuring the available space, calculate the amount of furniture to be purchased. Quality materials and ease of care can be a long-term investment to save the cost of future costs. Especially with maintenance a problem considering the weather conditions that are in open space such as blistering and rain that has the potential to shorten the life of furniture.

3. Choose High Quality Materials

This is the most important factor to maintain the age of furniture to stay durable. Determine the type of furniture that you want to buy, whether made of wood, aluminum, plastic or fabric? The materials used must be strong with hot sun and also have good water resistance. It would be nice if the product has undergone a series of test tests with a good technological process.

4. Is It Convenient Enough?

Do not buy too much furniture if you just want to go in or out is already narrow. Of course the first thing to look for when we decide to place the furniture in open space is that we get comfort. Although the place is still enough to add 1 more furniture, it’s good not to force it into there if it is considered his placement is quite full and crowded. Spaces that can help us move easily and allow the baby can come and play together.

5. Add Accessories to Give an Elegant Impression

If enough land is available and comfortable enough to be occupied, there is nothing wrong to add some accessories such as canopies, garden lights, garden flowers, fountains, tables, and other accessories. Of course these alloy accessories can make your house look classier

Once you know the tips for buying garden furniture, it’s good for you to know how to care for good garden exterior furniture. Care of the benches and park chairs are needed periodically. Use polishing materials that are capable of providing double protection from both sun exposure, rainwater and even other organism attacks. Choose a natural polish to protect the wood that is outdoors to avoid from various problems that commonly attack wood.

In addition select the polish that has antiseptic content obtained from pine oil. This content provides the benefits of wood that is protected from bacteria, fungi and other decay organisms. Not only that look for polish that has linseed oil content, its function to help keep the wood from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin E contained in linseed oil acts as a sunscreen for wood materials. The best polish is a natural polish made from beeswax wax or water repellant, so that the material which is basting with the polish will become waterproof.
Exterior furniture that is always outdoors requires a variety of this protection to be more durable and always maintained quality. How to use polish for garden furniture is also very easy. You just need to apply polish to all parts of the bench or chair and then gently rub the ground. Do this over and over again to get the results you want.

Playing with your kids while breathing in free air or just holding a private garden party is not difficult anymore to do if you want to immediately plan to buy new furniture in the open space of your home. After reading those essential tips for buying garden furniture, are you already confident with your decision to buy new furniture or still consider other things? Whatever it is, congratulate for designing and setting your beautiful home garden.

Tips for Buying Garden Furniture From Indonesia

Our main tips for our customer is ” Dont get carried away by dirt cheap price furniture”, wood are not free and all worker want sallary, our tips for this topics is to compare price with your local furniture store. devide them 2 or 3 times. that is ideal price for teak furniture indonesia. why devide them in that number ? well thats a rough estimation if your local furniture store buy their product from…let say…indonesia or china maybe…they have to pay for shipping and they also had to make profit for their product right ? so..yeah..thats why.

Second suggestion are please get to know your seller well, ask them anything. make sure that they are real company. dont get fooled by beautiful website or fancy social media profile. contact and get in touch with them directly and look how well they responds to you. making website and good looking social media profile are easy and cheap, but good customer service are only for “serious” company. and trust me, you only want to make busines with serious one.


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