Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Some say that its an environmental friendly product, we say that it just a great solid and very strong unique furniture

Reclaimed Teak Furniture From Indonesia is perfect choice if you need strong, beautiful wood furniture but don’t want to take part of global deforestation. Well its sounds bit odd when we said thats its not taking part of forest destruction since it’s still made of forest wood, what we mean by that is we are not cutting new trees from the forest to build our furniture instead of “salvage” them from old structure building. Lets talk about it further below.

What is actually reclaimed teak really are ?

They are used teak wood gathered from demolished old house or other structural building. Well…not actually demolished in the first place but…you see, indonesia is using teak wood to make a building since ages. while teak has a really strong character, they dont rotten and damaged that easy. even after hundreds of years.

Even now, there are plenty of well maintain house made out of entirely teak wood, they are build long before the current owners have it. those house are pass down from generation to the next. and when the current owner decided to sold the house, we use the wood to make furniture. its sound sad but trust me, its not…price for those house are really expensive. one well maintain teak house price can pay for make a new concrette house with same or bigger size. so that’s the story, everybody happy.

Why Buy Reclaimed Teak Furniture From Indonesia

The answer is availability, teak are grow and use for long time in indonesia, means there a lot of raw material to found and use as furniture. Also, teak from indonesia has a very good quality, they are denst and very strong. especially when its already hundred more years old.

But why teak reclaimed ?

First of all…by purchasing teak reclaimed furniture, you will take part of non forest destructive furniture manufacturing, its kind of silly sentences but that’s just what we had in mind. teak reclaimed is just like recycling old newspaper or beer can to make new product.

Second reason is looks, reclaimed teak furniture from indonesia has a distinctive look that you can’t get from new teak wood. there’s reddish, greenish greyish and blue color on the wood grain that appear due to oxidations, yes it can be made with finishing colors and good technique but trust us, it wont be the same.

Third reason is strength, long time ago, our great grand father build wood house only from best quality materials. they use big diameter teak tree and use only best parts. those high quality component are dried naturally in nature. used and abuse all those time until re use to make furniture so the result is, high quality, very dry and stable lumber. almost no joinesy movement, no more cracks, bend or wiggle. just a rock solid teak wood.

What is the difference between reclaimed teak wood and the new one ?

its too technical to explain but as far as eyes can see. color of the wood grain are major difference. as we mention above there are certain color appear due to aging process that cannot immitate by new wood. red, green and grey are the unique color only reclaimed teak had, while new teak are just beautiful solid reddish brown color.

Second difference are, on the reclaimed teak wood, cambium rings are very tight. again as we mention above, the wood used to make houses come from large diameter tree, mean very old tree, means had very tight layers of cambium, means very strong and durable. new teak…well not so much. it is hard to find teak tree big enough to match reclaimed teak materials. if we do find it, price will be expensive like crazy.

Third difference is defects, on reclaimed wood, there is NO WAY that we can avoid defects, theres always be a patch and a small cracks left from previous usage. it is a recycle products, not a new one. if you find this defect on new wood than you must ask for replacement warranty.


Reclaimed teak furniture from indonesia has its own markets in the furniture busines, it’s not for everybody. so if you know what youre doing than lets have a deal. you can ask for quotation or discuss new design with us. recycle teak can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture. for more information feel free to contact us by phone or emails. Thank You

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