Indonesian Teak Outdoor Furniture

Indonesian Teak Outdoor Furniture

Qualiteak CV, is one of indonesian teak outdoor furniture manufacturers founded in year 2011 as the second company of the owner which has been working on Teak Outdoor Furniture production since the last 14 years in Jepara, Cental Java, Indonesia. We have a lot of experiences of producing and sending out containers to American and European market.

Buy Indonesian Teak Patio Furniture

There is a benefits of buying indonesian teak outdoor furniture directly from our company. you will get the best low price as possible. and you can also customized the products to meet your detail and specifications. We working on classic models to the new custom design furniture development to enrich the collection and full filled the customers desire of being different to others.

Fine Selected Quality Teak Wood

We kiln dried our raw material in this case, teak wood, to get best result and minimizing problems such as cracking and bending caused by different weather in our customer’s countries, which mostly have four seasons and also extreme weather change during summer and winter. We also have a good relationship with local furniture manufacturer that have been a city major business here in jepara city, That will provide us a more capability to fulfilled the quantity and time scheduled from our customers demands.

Rust Resistance Hardware

We use various hardware materials in our indonesian teak outdoor furniture products, start from electro plated steel, cast brass, stainless steel, aluminum and many more. all those materials must have corrosion resistance against outdoor weather especially salty air, because most of our customers use their product near to sea which salty air is always around. we put special coating onto our hardware to prevent damage and much longer durability during use. poly urethane base materials with powder coating system is best in our experience to cover this task. so when you buy our product, you will also have this special coating fit in your furniture.

Please feel free to contact us to get our complete catalog and price list or any other information that you needs. Entrust your furniture needs to us. For more outdoor products please visit our teak outdoor and garden website.

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