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Indonesian Custom Made Furniture

Indonesian custom made furniture can be a great option for furniture store and property project, But why ?

First of all..everybody wants to be different, that also applied on furniture design. almost all of our customers doesn’t want our already existed products, they want different models that mostly come from their idea or imagination. most of our customers are a business owner such furniture stores or some project manager. but some also buy indonesian custom made furniture for their private property like houses or mansion. all need specific design, measurement and also other details. this is when we take benefit as indonesia furniture manufacturers that able to produce small and bulk quantity orders.

Second reasond is because we have high quality natural resources, lets talk about wood here, for example teak. indonesian forest are known for amongst best in the world, that also include mahogany and other tropical tree. by having this high quality resources means we dont have to import from other country, which means low production cost and final price. you will have high quality product with lowes price possible.

Third reason is we have experience workers. Indonesia, epecially jepara city are well known for wood working and wood carving industry. some say thats this furniture craftsmanship is “in our blood”, and by having this skill we can say it loud and proud to the world that we can make high quality furniture product in any style.

Final reason is we have low MOQ, as a matter of fact we dont have any. you can order only one pieces of furniture and we will make and send it to you. yes it will be costly but we accept that kind of order, which other furniture factory from different country might refuse to work on, you might try china or italia ? and let see how they set minimum quantity for the order, or maybe if they do work on small quantity, lets compare the price. However we always recommend to buy at least 1 x 20 ft container because it will more efficient on delivery cost.

How to purchase indonesian custom made furniture

Intense back and forth communication are needed

1. Give us your idea

All start with an idea, It can be an imaginations, picture preference or video of the furniture you would like to made. you must also show us measurement, purposes of the furniture and also another detail. this is our start point to produce indonesian custom made furniture.

2. Drawing your idea

After we have your requirements, we will try to visualized it by make a drawing. it can be a computer program drawing like CAD or simple sketcup. or can be hand drawing plans. most of the time we use sketchup for simple drawing and use hand drawing for carving furniture. they are quick and pretty cheap compare to computer made plans. However, you can just give us your already existed plans / design if its available. that would be a huge favor for both of us

3. We discuss the drawing

After drawing is complete, we will need to discuss that with you. this process sometimes can take several time back an forth revision. well it is depend or how complex your requirement really are, for simple design, one time drawing are enough most of the time. Revision are very welcome to prefent mistake in future productions.

4. Production

After all approved, we will start to produce your indonesian custom made furniture. production time are various depend on how complex your design are. for simple design we usually take 60 days and more for complicated furniture design. heavy carving furniture will take more time to produce compare non carved one.

Step By Step Production Process

  1. Making “jig” by transfering approved drawing into 1:1 scale component. this is first really crucial parts of making custom made furniture. when this first step gone wrong, we are failed in a first place. expertise from our carpenters are key here in this process. Quality control department must approved
  2. Kiln dry, without dry material, we can forget about quality. Quality control department must approved moisture level
  3. Making component and one master sample. Quality control department must approved everything from A – Z
  4. Mass production of the component. Quality control department must approved that it is in the right size and no defect on the component.
  5. Assembly. Quality control department must approved that it is strong and proportional as the master sample.
  6. Finishing. Quality control department must approved the colors and other details
  7. Final checking. Quality control department must approved everything from A to Z
  8. Packing. Quality control department must approved that nothing goes wrong or left behind.
  9. Sending your products. Quality control department must approved containers condition, is it good enough to use or not.

As you can see, all step are well managed under quality control department watch to make sure no mistakes. they are the key to producing high quality indonesian custom made furniture.

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