How To Paint Wood Furniture WhiteHow To Paint Wood Furniture White

White painted furniture are without a doubt one option to enhance our room look and feels. they can bring such a “bright light” to a dark alley. thats why we take serious attentions to this furniture style, we want to give best quality and price to our customers who bought furniture from us. but for you DIYers who might came here from the net and just want to make your own DIY woodworking projects, this blog is for you. we try to share the process of how to paint wood furniture white in our furniture factory. it might be different from another blogs that youve been stumble around the web, but hey…different is a good thing sometimes. so lets get started…

  • Prepare your furniture

Make sure everything  is in good conditions, all joinery are well attached, no cracks, no dents or defects (unless you want that rustic looks) and make sure all surfaces are free from all oily or greasy stuff because that will cost you double ammount of time. the paint will not stick to those oily surface as we all know that. Remember to remove all hardwares like door handles and hinges. drawer rails or another accessories. you can also cover them with paper and duct tape if youre not sure how to put them back.

  • Sanding

We call this step “raw sanding”, we use 160 grit sandpaper in the begining to flatten out bumps and dents that might there on the surface, then we repeat the process with more smooth 240 grit sandpaper to remove burr from rough 160 grit sandpaper.

  • Wood Filler

Cover all your furniture with wood filler, we use spray methods to do this. but you can also do it with scrapper or brush if you want to. this process are ment to filling wood pores to ensure smooth and even paint coat on final result. this wood filling materials are also able to fill in small cracks or dents on furniture surfaces.

  • More Sanding

Sand off the wood filler untill you can see wood grain again. stop when you met wood grain.

  • Sanding sealer/Primer coating

This coating is to ensure wooden pores are sealed and also act like a glue between paint materials and wood surface. spray or brushes all your furniture surfaces and let it dry, lightly sand it with 240 git sandpaper to smoothen all out. repeat the process again if you want more solid paint.

  • Apply paint

Make one or to layers of paint, make sure every surface are evenly coated with paint.

  • Little touch up and sealed them off

very lightly sand your furniture with 1000 grit sandpaper to remove all unwanted dust that might stick on earlier steps. After make sure everything is okay, we can make final coating with clear top coat to sealed and protects our furniture paint. make one or two layers of final coating as you desired.

Youre done…but one thing to remember, please dont paint your teak furniture with white paint. teak and any other high oil content wood tend to get yellowing colors due to high oil content. Thats how to paint wood furniture white in our indonesian furniture manufacturer factory, what do you think…? show us your idea on our facebook fanpage. Thanks for stoppin by and have a nice day.

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