how to antique furniture using glaze

How To Antique Furniture Using Glaze

There are many way to add an antique feel into our furniture, on this post we will try to give an idea how to antique furniture using glaze, this material can give an instant transformation from plain look furniture into old used one. it is quiet easy task but we have to be careful to choose which part is thick and thin layers. wiping is the key, also knowledge on how the furniture are use on daily basis. this is how we do in our indonesian furniture manufacturers factory

First step is base coat.

First thing on how to antique furniture using glaze, like any other furniture finishing process, we have to apply base coat, we usually using sanding sealer as our primer. there are so many brands on the market that we can choose as a finishing primer.

Second step is coloring.

Depends on our customers demand, coloring can be apply with paint or natural color lacquer. all of furniture coloring material can be applied with glaze. make sure they are dry properly before we continue to next process.

Applying glaze layer

Prepare your glaze materials, some soft paint brush and soft damped cloth. start from the carvings or corners to simulate daily use which they are having less contact with cleaning tools. here the glaze has to be thicker than rest of other surfaces. brush your glaze evenly through corners and than gently wipe them off with your damped clothes. simulate normal daily cleaning to have best antique looks.

After all corners and carving area are finish, we can move to flat area. make sure to apply glaze evenly but thin layers are enough. than wipe them off until almost entirely clean. this also simulate daily furniture cleaning that leave all dirt only on unreachable parts of the furniture.

Tools and materials needed How to antique furniture using glaze :

  1. Glaze, available in many colors and form. quality depend on brands we use
  2. Smooth paint brush. small to medium size work best
  3. Wiping clothes, cotton work best

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