Heavily carved furniture may not suit to everybody taste, but when you do like this furniture style than this post might perfect for you. This furniture are one of our most recent project in 2015 bought by our new customer from poland. They want to renovate their home with antique furniture style specifically heavily carved furniture style so they contact us with that idea in mind. The conversation continue with more detail on carving and measurement, after we got all information we needed, we decided to make a drawing from there. it is a simple hand drawing with pencil on paper technique, but the result is quiet outstanding. These hand drafter guy is really an artisan, he can make a 3d lookalike drawing with only pencils !

Design And Productions

After sketch drawing are finished we send it to our customer for revisions. there is a litlle bit of corrections here and there but its only on small details, basically all design is approved on first attempt. So after we got an approval we start to make the template for furniture component, this is also a crucial points as  we have to make a sketch, only a pencil on paper sketch into 1 : 1 scale component. no mistakes are acceptable here in this part.

When all preparation are complete we can start to cut the woodeng board and turn them into real things. we use mahogany for this orders as some will be painted and gilded. we think mahogany are the perfect option for making heavily carved antique furniture because they strong and durable but quiet easy to carved compare to teak or other wood species.

Heavily Carved Furniture Final Result

We are very satisfied with the final result of this furniture because we do make it from scratch, really from only imagination or idea and we can turn it into something really good. our customere are also purchase some basic or standard furniture models but they said that this heavily carved antique furniture are one of a kind. This picture below is some of them, show us what you think on a comennt sections please.

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