Furniture for hotel Lobby from indonesia…why ? First of all because of high market demand and second reason is because indonesia are among few country in the world who has large furniture industry and huge natural resources, teak furniture from indonesia are among the best in the world today. The hotel business will never be exhausted its “running time”, because it has become a mandatory requirement for modern life today that demands something practical and fast, including in terms of basic needs such as lodging. We certainly would not feel at home eating in a hotel restaurant which although the food is very delicious but the table and chairs where we eat very uncomfortable to use instead? Also when we stay at star-rated hotels will be useless if the convenience of furniture is not the attention. Considering this, business entrepreneurs in the hotel demand to provide the best service for their customers including in the presentation of interior space and comfort of their furniture as this becomes the main support their service. If you are a hotel businessman and want to know the ins and outs to buy custom furniture design for hotel projects, hopefully this article can help a lot.

Start from the Hotel Lobby

Furniture for hotel lobby gives a first impression on visitors in judging a hotel. The lobby at the hotel helped determine whether or not a hotel is comfortable or had a good service to live in. Of course to realize a comfortable hotel lobby, not enough with a table with two simple folding chair. Make sure the furniture for hotel lobby is not only comfortable, but also stylish and classy in order to make a good impression in the eyes of visitors.

One of the most important things to take into account before you buy furniture for hotel lobby is to determine the hotel theme tailored to the segment as well as the target audience. Make sure the theme you choose is a theme or hotel lobby design concept that will still look slick for the next 5 to 10 years, and not a booming theme for just a few moments (unless you want it to…). In addition, it should also be given adjustments for the theme of hotel lobby in certain moments such as Eid, Christmas and New Year. Simple ways below can be applied to decorate the hotel lobby to look more attractive.

Furniture for Hotel Lobby

Furniture for hotel lobby includes a set of couches and tables, with modern design, stylish, comfortable, and able to accommodate visitors in large quantities, in anticipation of a surge of visitors during peak season. Some hotel lobbies even provide special tables and chairs for writing and reading. In the reading area, we can bring a bookcase or magazine rack so that visitors can borrow while relaxing in the hotel lobby. There is a wide selection furniture for hotel lobby to choose from, such as couch, armchair, end tables and coffee table or coffee table. Choose furniture that is sturdy, strong, and durable, and not easily torn. This is very important to note considering the hotel lobby is an area that has a high level of traffic.

Flowers or Live Plant

Live plants or fresh flower arrangements can make a more lively and fresh impression on the hotel lobby. However, it is certainly necessary periodic maintenance in order to keep plants grow fresh. As for the fresh flower arrangement, we must replace the flowers with new flowers every day or every other day for the flowers placed in the hotel lobby is kept fresh. Choose flowers that not only have beautiful flower petals and colorful, but also has a fragrant scent. Flower arrangements in this pot can be placed on a coffee table or end tables.

Artwork for the Hotel Lobby

In addition to adding flowers and native plants in the hotel lobby, there is nothing wrong we add some artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, urns, or wall art to enhance the aesthetic value in the interior of the hotel lobby. You can change the artwork displayed here periodically so that visitors are not easily bored with the look of the hotel lobby.

Ideal Lighting for Hotel Lobby

Indoor lighting in the lobby can help organize and create the atmosphere and mood of hotel visitors. To give the impression of luxury, modern, and bright, there are times when we need to bring a dramatic lighting, in certain corners of the lobby. For ultimate lighting, we can choose a luxurious crystal chandelier, then add spot lighting in some corners of the hotel lobby, eg near plants, near statues, or under paintings.

Not only artificial lighting, natural lighting also needs to be presented into the hotel lobby, for example through a skylight or a wall made of glass, thus maximizing the potential of light coming into the lobby.

Add TV for entertainment

In some hotel lobbies, sometimes the TV is also presented in it as a means of entertainment for the hotel visitors who are waiting in line or waiting for the room was completed. The presence of TV can also be a means of promotion of hotels as well as various facilities offered, of course, by showing the company profile video and various facilities available at the hotel.

Put the Reception Desk Not Far From the Hotel Lobby

The reception desk serves to record the hotel visitors who want to check in or check out or visitors who need to entrust the key when it comes out. In order to make it easier for hotel employees to serve visitors, it is important to present the reception desk right next to the lobby, facing directly to the entrance. Place plenty of cabinets and drawers not far from the reception desk as a place to put keys and belongings. Do not forget to add a name or logo in the hotel lobby, or rather behind the reception desk and serve as a back drop from the reception desk as well as a marker that gives the characteristic of one hotel with another hotel.

The convenience of hotel visitors is very influential when you decide to buy custom furniture design for hotel projects. After the design is determined, the idea of decoration and arrangement of furniture at the hotel should also be monitored appropriately in order to make visitors feel at home in the hotel. The more visitors who feel at home, the more guests will stay at your hotel.

Buy Furniture For Hotel Lobby From Indonesia

Hotel furniture are all about custom design, yes you can buy ready made furniture which are availeble in your local furniture store but…come on…you dont want to bored your customer with “everyday seen” furniture right ? thats why we said that its all about custom design. now thats one point that are a benefit to us as one of indonesia furniture manufacturer whi work with artisan carpenter and wood carver, we can make your idea to become reality with our experience and widely available resources. in order to do that we must have long discussion about what and how you want your furniture to ba made and done. please visit our webpage that talk about how to buy custom made furniture from indonesia.


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