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Reproduction Furniture

If you are looking to create a classic, elegant feel within your home, you can’t go past antique reproduction furniture

Antique Reproduction Furniture Indonesia

We are of of many indonesia furniture manufacturers producing antique reproduction furniture, customer demand over this furniture style are never decrease, even in global economic crisis like in the last year. If you are looking to create a classic, elegant feel within your home, antique reproduction furniture indonesia is a perfect choice to accomplished that. These pieces of furniture are incredibly high quality and will become a center of attention in the room. If you’re not sure what antique reproduction furniture actually is, we’ll try to explain everything you need to know here. For more information, simply give us a call about what kind of antique furniture reproduction indonesia we can working on.

What kind of antique furniture reproduction

Some designs that we can made are victorian era furniture, french style furniture, colonial style furniture, swedish and many more styles we capable to made. Antique reproduction furniture is furniture that has been designed to look exactly like real antiques but at a lower price point. A reproduction is ‘furniture that is made in imitation or copy of a paste style’, It’s important to understand that a reproduction is not a ‘fake’. Reproduction furniture is a copy of something while a ‘fake’ is a deliberate attempt to copy something in view of deceiving someone.

Material we use

Unlike our indonesian teak patio furniture products, We use mahogany wood to produce antique furniture reproduction indonesia. there is plenty resources available here in indonesia but we use only government legal wood from well managed plantation. we have a certification ( Vlegal ) that ensure we use only legal wood to manufacture all of our furniture, no illegal logging is tollerable in furniture business because the forest is our future. and we take a part of responsibility over deforestation in our country.

Antique reproduction furniture indonesia is not a genuine antique, so how to tell the different between immitation or reproduction to the genuine antique ? here is our thought :

  • Look closely at the hardware & joinery to see whether it shows visible signs of wear and tear.
  • on genuine antique furniture, Every piece of hardware & fixtures item should slightly different for each item, while a reproduction will have common hardware & fixings.
  • Genuine antiques are normally made with different types of wood while reproductions are normally manufactured with the same wood from top to bottom.
  • Expect to find signs of age on an antique piece such as seam separation, scratches, dents, stains and even worm holes.
  • Genuine antique Furniture has reinforced joints in addition to gluing. Check if your furniture items has dowels, mortise or tenon. cheap antique reproduction furniture doesnt have this.

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